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All Metrilo plans are based on the monthly unique traffic of a website. By subscribing to any of our plans, you get the customer intelligence feature, the eCommerce analytics and the email marketing tool. The pricing is as follows: 

If your eCommerce site has more than 180k unique visitors per month, just contact us on the live chat and we will make a custom offer for your needs. 

We base our pricing on the number of unique visitors because we track and keep all of the interactions of the visitors on the site and include them in the customer/ visitor profiles. This way, once a visitor converts into a customer, you will have a complete overview of their behavior on your site both before and after the first purchase. 

Here you can read more about the tracking and what’s the logic behind it.

What are Monthly Visitors?

Monthly visitors is the total number of unique people who visit your website each month. In Google Analytics terminology, those are monthly unique users. 

Can I pay for one feature only?

All Metrilo features are strongly interconnected, so there is no way to purchase only the eCommerce Analytics, for example, or only the CRM.

The fundamentals on which the Metrilo features are built are the events tracked. That’s what the CRM is based on and what makes the email marketing work. The analytics also uses this data in reports so the three cannot be separated.

How many emails can I send with each plan?

Currently, there aren’t any limitations on the emails that you can send through Metrilo. We don’t charge you additionally for that.

What if I outgrow my current plan?

We will inform you and automatically upgrade your plan, only if the increase in traffic is due to sustainable business growth (3 consecutive months of traffic fitting in the next plan). The same thing applies to downgrading your plan.

What if I hit the limit of my plan because of seasonality?

We understand that seasonality is strong in eCommerce and there are some periods (Black Friday, Holidays, etc) when traffic grows substantially and you possibly will hit the limits of your current Metrilo plan. For that reason, we will continue tracking all your traffic, only at an extra charge to your current plan until traffic gets back to your usual levels.

However, if you exceed the limit 3 months in a row, we consider that a sustainable growth and your plan will be increased automatically to fit the new levels of traffic your site is getting. We will always inform you, of course!

Do you offer refunds?

Yes. We're offering a 100% refund within 30 days of your subscription. We want to make sure you enjoy our product and if we don't meet your expectations - we'll refund your subscription.

What’s next?

How to install the Metrilo plugin on my website.

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