We would like to introduce to you a better way to track your eCommerce acquisition channels with Metrilo. The upgraded Acquisition feature is up and running for you to use and make your eCommerce business even more profitable.

Let’s start with showing you an overview of the new UI and then we’ll go into the details.

We’ve worked really hard to make it simple and straight-forward. It works pretty fast, it’s real-time and it makes lots of automatic calculations for you so you don’t have to. By default, it shows you the aggregated data for the last 7 days, but you can change that by using the period selector on the top right. If the pre-defined periods don’t work for you, you can use the “Custom Period” menu. It’s simple and easy.

Overall acquisition metrics

Before jumping into your acquisition channels, we wanted to give you an overview of your acquisition metrics. These are the Metrics that Metrilo is going to calculate for you if you measure your Traffic Sources by Revenue:

  • Total Visitors
  • Total Customers your revenue came from
  • Average Conversion rate for all your traffic sources
  • Revenue per visitor which is your total revenue divided by the total visitors
  • Average Revenue per customer for all your traffic channels
  • Revenue – the one metric to rule them all!

You can use the dropdown on the top and compare all your traffic sources by orders instead of revenue, which is going to show you interesting additional metrics. Go ahead and play with it!

The performance of all your traffic sources

By default, Metrilo sorts your Traffic sources by the revenue that came from them. You can click on any of the columns and change the sorting. Wondering which traffic source has the best conversion rate? Just click on the “Conversion rate” column.

  • Visitors – the total amount of visitors from this source. Also includes an indicator what percentage of your overall traffic came from this source.
  • Customers – the amount of people your revenue came from
  • Conversion rate – percentage of people who came from this channel and placed orders
  • Revenue per visitor and Revenue per customer
  • Revenue. Also includes an indicator what percentage of your overall revenue came from this source.

Looking for a specific traffic source? It’s easy.

We know that sometimes you need to check on a specific referral or a campaign you’re running to see how it’s performing. And sometimes they’re not the best performers so it’s hard for you to find it in the long list of traffic sources your visitors and customers come from. That’s why we’ve included a search box to find the one(s) that you need. Let’s try with “bing”:

As you can see, it shows you all the traffic sources that match “bing”, including one visit from Bing China, 329 organic search visits and a few campaigns you’re running.

As always, we’re here for you

We’re truly customer-centric and we’d love to hear your thoughts on the Acquisition updates. Just shoot us an email at [email protected] or use the Support messenger (the blue round button on the bottom right) within your Metrilo account.

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