Importing leads

Let’s say you use an opt-in form on your website or a pop-up for collecting leads, which you want to convert to customers later on. You can import their details in Metrilo as well. Use the following template for filling the leads’ information in, send it over to the live chat and we will handle the import for you.

Once you do this, you’ll be able to see their info in the People tab and target them with email campaigns, immediately!

Updating the list of unsubscribers 

Updating the subscription status of the users is probably the most sensitive part of the whole migration process, because you don’t want to spam the users who unsubscribed from your emails before. 

There are two possible ways to do it in Metrilo:

  1. In the CSV import template that you’d send us for importing leads (mentioned above), there is a column for updating the subscription status. If you send us the sheet including the status of each customer, we will update it Metrilo.

2. You can manually unsubscribe users from the interface of the tool. Just visit the profile of the user that you want to unsubscribe in the People tab, click on Details and turn the Subscribed button off.  

Updating orders that are not stored in the eCommerce platform

In case that you want to update orders that are not stored in your eCommerce platform, you will have to fill in the following template: Orders import and to send it back to us. Then we can make the import fro you!

Important note

The date standard in the files should among some of these:

2011-01-31 09:30:00
2011/01/31 09:30:00
January 31 2011 09:30:00
31 January 2011 09:30:00
Jan 31 2011 09:30:00
31 Jan 2011 1 09:30:00

What’s next?

Verify that the import went well! Check how to do it here.

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