All Metrilo features are interconnected with each other so that you can easily analyze the different aspects of your business and act on the data.

For example, you can analyze your revenue for a given period first, then you want to see the percentage of new/ returning customers for the given period, after that you want to explore the behavior and acquisition channels of these customers, and then you can use all this  information to target these customers with extremely personalized messaging. 

That’s how the features work together. With a few clicks, you will be able to connect the аnalytics with the customer intelligence and the email marketing feature. 

People tab and еmail marketing

The People tab is where you send email marketing campaigns from. 

The logic is that you need to segment your customers first and then send the email - it’s easiest to do it from the same tab where the email list is.

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People tab and sales recovery

The Sales Recovery feature shows you specific customers who engaged a lot with your website but didn’t complete a purchase. It crawls the customer’s details from the People tab and only shows you the interesting opportunities to make extra sales.

By clicking on the customer’s profile, you will observe their flow of actions and possibly understand the reason for not completing the purchase. Then, you will be able to target them with an email directly from their profile.

People tab and Revenue & Trends

The Revenue & Trends tab is the place in Metrilo where you get deeper insights about your revenue. For example, the share of revenue coming from returning customers, or from a specific acquisition channel.

One of the major advantages of Metrilo is that it connects the figures to the real people so you actually see who's behind your orders and how your numbers come to be.

For example, after you open the Revenue & Trends tab and select the breakdown to be New/ Returning, you can click on the number of returning customers for the given period to get a list of these customers.

This way you can extract their details as a CSV for a report or directly send them an email from here. Cool, right? 

Also, by clicking on somebody’s profile, you can see their whole behavior on your site for better customer insights.

Of course, that functionality is available with any breakdown in Revenue and trends tab. You can see the individual customers from each acquisition channel, with each order status, for each payment method, for each device, etc.

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