The Tasks feature in Metrilo allows you to create a to-do list within the platform.

You can either do it in the Tasks tab or in individual people's profiles if it's a task concerning the specific customer.

Basically, you just add the task and choose a due date . You can also delegate it to other teammates in your project.

Reminders about a refund, follow-up messages, phone call or even a lunch meeting - whatever it is, you won't forget because Metrilo will alert you about upcoming tasks.

How to add a task

Option 1 - in a customer profile
Go to the People tab. Open the profile of the customer, whom the tasks concerns. There, along with the familiar Actions, Details, Orders and so on tabs, you have a new one - Tasks.

Put in the task, schedule it, assign it to somebody, save and you're done.
This way the task will be attributed to the selected customer.

Option 2 - in the Tasks tab
By adding the task there, it would not be attributed to any customer, it will be just a general task for the business.

This Tasks bar is your to-do list. All tasks - including the ones added in the customer profiles - will be displayed in there sorted by due date. 

Color coding will alert you a deadline is approaching: 3 days before the task gets orange and then when it's past due, it turns red.

You can mark the task as Done and it will show as completed, but not disappear. 

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