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How to upload a ZIP file to use in HTML emails
How to upload a ZIP file to use in HTML emails
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Note that your ZIP file size should be maximum 4 MB.

To upload a ZIP file to use for HTML emails in Metrilo, do the following:

  1. When creating the ZIP file, make sure it contains only an HTML file and a folder with all the images used in the HTML.

  2. The image folder should be named "images" and the images in the HTML should link to that folder. 

For example:

<img src="images/logo.png"/>

3. The images should be in one of the following formats:  jpg, jpeg, png, gif.
4. The HTML file and the image folder should be directly zipped, not placed in another folder first!

5. Once you create the ZIP file, go to the Customer database tab. Click on the Email button at the top and select Upload HTML email. That's where you upload the ZIP file and you will be redirected to the HTML editing window.

6. Once you upload your ZIP file, Metrilo will automatically host all images. You will enter the HTML editing window with your email previewed. 

Your images will be always accessible from the file manager in case you want to reuse them in another email.

7. In this simple HTML editing window, you can make changes to the HTML directly, save the HTML as a template, send a test email to yourself, and send the final email to the end users. 

8. ... and don't forget to add the unsubscribe URL once you are in the HTML editor: 

<a href="*|UNSUB|*">Unsubscribe me</a>

It is a must for sending the campaign to the end users!

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