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How to build full HTML emails in Metrilo
How to build full HTML emails in Metrilo
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You can use HTML to create beautiful, simple and responsive emails in Metrilo. Every HTML email can be fully customizable and applied in standard newsletters, one-on-one communication or automated email campaigns. 

When do I use the full HTML emails instead of the email builder?

  • when you want to create a totally custom email layout

  • when you want to send a rich, visually-appealing marketing campaign

  • when you want to send a one-off email with a specific design 

How to create a full HTML email in Metrilo?

You can use HTML for automated email campaigns, mass emails or individual communication emails. 

Whichever you're doing, you'll be able to choose between 3 different options: the standard email composer (doesn't support HTML), write/ paste your own HTML or upload a ZIP file with a ready template.

So you can either start from scratch or upload a template and just tweak it a bit. 

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