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Integrating Metrilo with Magento 2
Integrating Metrilo with Magento 2
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Integrating Metrilo with your Magento 2 online store is easy. We’ve developed an one-click Magento 2 plugin that inserts the Metrilo tracking code in all the necessary places and also makes it possible to import your previous orders and customers.

What to do on the Magento side:

1. Go to the Magento marketplace
2. Add the Metrilo extension to cart and place an order
3. Оn the checkout page, click the "Install" button
4. On "My access keys" page, click "Create a new access key" and enter the name of the extension - "Metrilo" and click "ok"

5. Public and private keys will be generated
6. Log in to the Magento Admin of your store as an administrator
7. Click System > Web Setup Wizard > System Configuration
8. Enter your authentication keys in the provided fields and click "Save Config"
9. Click Component Manager and click Install new module 

10. Find metrilo/analytics-magento2-extension - and click "Install"
11. Click "Start readiness check" button and go through the steps

  • Step 1: you do nothing.

  • Step 2: On step "Create Backup", mark the only option "Code" and click "Create Backup"

  • Step 3 is "Component Install", click "Install" and wait several minutes

Metrilo side:

  1. Go to Metrilo

  2.  Fill out the Register and Store pages and click "Install" - a new Metrilo project will be created and you will be navigated to the Installation tab to finish the installation.
    3. Log in to the Magento Admin of your store as an administrator
    4. Click Store > Configuration > Metrilo > Analytics
    5. Enter your API key
    6. Enter your API Secret
    7. Click "Save Config"
    8. Go to System > Cache management > select all checkboxes and apply "Refresh" action and click "Submit" 

9. Click Store > Configuration > Store view and select Default Store view  then click  "Save config"

10. Refresh the Cache management again if needed
11. Go to Click Store > Configuration > Metrilo > Analytics > click Import orders to sync your historical data to Metrilo
12. Wait a little bit for the orders to be imported

If you still have some questions, do not hesitate to reach out using our live chat!

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