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What is Customer Feedback Score
What is Customer Feedback Score
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Customer Feedback in Metrilo is a simple way to get very high-quality and actionable customer feedback, which serves as a predictive indicator of customer behavior.

CF classifies people as Happy, Neutral, or Unhappy depending on their answer to one simple, but carefully selected question: “How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?”, send via e-mail. Respondents give their answer by picking a number on a 0–10 scale directly in the email.

A person is classified 

  • as Happy if they select 9 or 10, 

  • as Neutral if they select 7 or 8, 

  • or as Unhappy if they select 6 or lower. 

The numerical values of the responses are then accumulated and a single score is given, calculating the average score of all answers. This is your Customer Feedback Score.

The real power of CF, however, is in the free form follow-up question. This allows a respondent to provide context for their rating. Your CF numerical score is the “what”, the additional feedback is the “why”.

In Metrilo, you can send CF emails in the following ways:

  • to all of your customers in bulk, 

  • to a customer segment,

  • individually, after a purchase or another trigger action by the customer.

How is the CFS calculated?

To calculate your CF score, we take the average (arithmetic mean) response score of all participants in the survey, since the survey is live.

For example, let’s say you received the following scores: out of 323 responses in total, 213 people gave you 9 or 10 (av. 9.65), 71 people checked 7 or 8 (av. 7.7) and 48 people selected from 0 to 6 (av. 5.77)  . This makes 64% happy customers, 21% neutrals, 14% unhappy customers. The total CFS is 7.69

In eCommerce, CFS is a very powerful yet simple method to analyze the loyalty of your customer base and to work on increasing it. It's not about the number itself —it is about building customer loyalty. So, the most important part of analyzing your results is how you respond to the feedback and improve the customer experience. 

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