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Customer feedback Dashboard
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Thanks to the CF dashboard, you can take the two most important actions related to the CF survey: analyze your overall score and how it moves over time; and act on the score and the answer of each individual customer that participated in the survey.

Customer Feedback analysis

The Customer Feedback dashboard gives you the following info:

  1. The overall CF for your store (here we describe how the CF score is calculated).

  2. The number of happy, neutral, unhappy customers, total responses and the response rate.

  3. The number of happy, neutral, unhappy customers in the last 12 months and the change of the overall CFS over time

Here you can also check the score any individual customer gave you and their free form answers. 

You can use the customers' list for getting the following info:

  1. The score given by each customer, their answer why they chose that score, and their last purchased product that is attributed to the answer.

  2. You can filter to see Happy, Neutral or Unhappy customers only. 

  3. You can also filter by status (completed or not) or by favorites (if you use the "favorite" option).

  4. When you click on the name of the customer, the profile from the Customer database tab will open, which allows you to analyze the customer behavior, the orders and how it all affects the score given. 

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