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How to handle customer feedback
How to handle customer feedback
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When it comes to the CF surveys, handling customer feedback is probably the most important thing to focus your efforts on.

How to deal with Unhappy customers

The unhappy customers are the group of customers that need the most attention.  

These are customers/ users at risk of churning and a large portion of them will not buy from you again, probably because you they are not really satisfied with the experience. 

Address immediate issues that they highlight in their feedback and follow up to dig deeper if they did not leave a comment.

In the example above, you can see that Peter Griffin was totally disappointed with his last order and he gave a score of 1 with the short explanation, "Really bad service. Never buying again." 

The thing that you can do is just ask him, "What we can do better?" or "Tell us more about your poor customer experience."

How to deal with Neutral customers

The neutral customers are the customers who do not need a lot of efforts, but just to ask them: "Please, let us know what we can do to earn your recommendation in the future?"

This way, you can get even more valuable feedback about their experience and what it takes to make them Happy customers.

How to deal with Happy customers

The happy customers are the most important group. 

You should definitely thank them and take extra steps to keep them happy. You can even send them a gift or recruit them to be brand ambassadors on social media.

You can also ask to use their feedback as social proof. After all, they indicated they'd definitely recommend you to others.

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