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Magento 2 plugin command-line installation
Magento 2 plugin command-line installation

Tutorial on how to install the Metrilo plugin on Magento 2 installations via the command line tools.

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Step 1

Purchase the extension on the magento marketplace. Don’t worry the extension is free and you won’t need any payment details. You can find the extension here -

In order to make the purchase you will need an account on the Marketplace.

Step 2

In your Magento 2 installation folder run the following command:

composer require metrilo/analytics-magento2-extension

If all went well you will see something like:

In case you get asked for authentication:

Use the access keys from the marketplace profile you used in Step 1. They keys can be found on this page:

  • The public key is the username

  • The private key is the password

In case you get a message about missing extension:

Make sure that you are using the correct credentials for authenticating in the marketplace. The credentials are sometimes cached in a file called auth.json in the project root or in the user root directory ~/.composer/auth.json.

Step 3

Now that the plugin is successfully installed run:

$ bin/magento setup:upgrade

Step 4

Configure the plugin by going to "Store" > "Configuration" > "Metrilo" > click "Analytics".

You can take the credentials from the Settings/Installation page of your Metrilo project.

Step 5

Clear any caches you might have to make sure that the metrilo code appears on all of your pages.

$ bin/magento cache:flush

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