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How to export reports from Metrilo in CSV format?
How to export reports from Metrilo in CSV format?
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Now available for download in CSV are the Metrilo reports from the following tabs:

  • Revenue Breakdown

  • Retention Analysis

  • Marketing Performance

  • Funnels Reports

  • Product Reports

The export happens automatically when you click the Download CSV button. It takes the current breakdown and time periods selected, but doesn’t keep any sorting you’ve done in Metrilo. 

In the tabs with graphs at the top (Revenue Breakdown, Funnels Reports), the button is placed at the breakdown menu level, right hand side: 

In tabs without a graph (Marketing Performance, Product Reports), the button is at the top, next to the time period picker:

In the Retention Analysis tab, it is the Cohorts view: 


  1. Yes, the file contains the time period chosen.

  2. The entries in the file are sorted by the default Metrilo sorting so no sorting on your part is necessary before you export.

  3. Percentages are marked so in the column headers, but the values are in decimal numbers.

  4. No currency signs are included in the CSV.

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