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Custom referral campaign tracking in Metrilo
Custom referral campaign tracking in Metrilo
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Want to create and track specific referral campaigns in Metrilo?
With the Manage campaigns option in Metrilo you can:

  • Get a unique tracking link to use for a campaign

  • Import coupon(s) to track

  • Monitor influencer's results 

In the Marketing Performance tab, there's the Manage campaigns button in the top right corner. When you click it, you can choose to create a standard campaign or an influencer campaign. 

Step 1 Give the campaign a name. This is what name you will see in the breakdowns later

Step 2 there's no step here. When you name the campaign, you enter the screen where you can access the referrer parameter or associate 

Step 3 Associate a coupon with the campaign or upload a CSV with a list of coupons to be counted towards it. That's optional, in case you don't want to associate coupons to the campaign, you can skip it and use only your REF parameter. 

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