UTM tags and how to use them
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UTM tags are additions to a link (like a suffix) that make possible tracking of the traffic this link drives.

These UTM tags can be tracked in most tracking softwares like Google Analytics and Metrilo.

The most used ones are:

  • Campaign: the specific incentive 

Ex: utm_campaign=christmas

  • Source: where the traffic comes from

Ex: utm_source=Facebook or utm_source=emailnewsletter

  • Medium: the type of marketing medium that the link is on

Ex: utm_medium=socialmedia

  • Term: identifies the keywords targeted in a PPC ad 

Ex: utm_term=reusable+waterbottle

You can add such UTM parameters to your links easily with Google’s URL builder: 

Once you fill out this form, the URL with the UTM parameters will be generated. You can copy and use this link in your content, ads, etc. as usual, and Metrilo will be able to track it and show you the marketing performance of the link.

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