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How to add an unsubscribe link in your emails?
How to add an unsubscribe link in your emails?
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Your templates won’t be saved in Metrilo if there’s no unsubscribe link so here’s how to add it in the two email editors we offer.

HTML editor

When you open a blank template to start creating your email in HTML, there’s the unsubscribe line by default. 

You can edit the anchor text in the code, but no need to edit the link itself. Just keep the line - usually below all other content of your email.

Visual editor

Here, you have to add the link yourself. 

Drag and drop a text box where you want it to be, then insert a text along the lines of “If you want to, unsubscribe from here.”

Mark a part of the text you want as your anchor and choose the hyperlink option from the text editing bar that appears. 

In the dialog box, instead of an URL, insert this variable (keep the format): 


Now you will be able to save your template.

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