1 Undo and Redo

2 See how the email will look on different devices

3 View components - clears the working outlines of the elements to show how the email actually looks

4 Fullscreen - expands the work field into full screen

5 View code - opens a dialog box with the HTML code behind the visual representation you’re working on. Here, you can edit in the code directly.

6 Import template - opens a box to type in the name of a HTML template and upload it to edit in the visual editor

7 Toggle images - see how the email will look in email clients that don’t load images

8 Style manager - contains all dimension, typography and decoration options for your elements

9 Trait manager - this is where you input a hyperlink for the element (if possible) and a title to make it accessible for disabled people

10 Shows the cascading sheets (CSS)

11 The blocks menu where you pick the ready block to use

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