The most useful thing about our new visual editor are surely the blocks ready to be dragged and dropped into desired positions in your email layout. They save time and require no coding at all.

The Single block is the simplest element.

Creates 2 columns in the layout

Creates 3 columns in the layout

Lets you choose a product from your database to pull up automatically (learn more)

Insert an image (learn more)

A simple text block 

A more structured text with a header (either sub-block can be removed)

Lets you insert a coupon code with the terms and even add a link.

A ready-to-use block with a working unsubscribe link in it. 

A simple call-to-action button

Creates an element that's entirely clickable. Best used to host other elements like content experts, for example. (learn more)

A whole Customer Feedback Score block by Metrilo. All results go to the CFS report (learn more)

Preformats a text to look like a quote

Inserts a block for content with image on top, header and text below (each part can be removed).

Inserts a block for content with image on the left side, and header and text on the right (each part can be removed).

This is visual break to use to separate different parts of your email. (learn more)

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