Retention by campaign

This report shows you the retention of customers who came from each individual campaign long-term.

A campaign is telling about the customers it brings because it has a certain draw and aims at a specific type of customers. 

So with the retention analysis you will know which type of customers become loyal and which campaigns appeal to one-timers.  

  • repeat the good campaigns & scrap the bad ones

  • put extra effort to make more sales from campaigns with potential

Retention by Source/ Medium

This report shows how customers who came to make their first order through different channels (organic search, direct, Facebook, Instagram/ CPC, referral, etc.) behave over time.

You will learn how the various traffic channels you have drive repeat sales and whether it makes sense to put effort in all of them

  • drop channels that obviously don't bring the right people

  • put your marketing money where the potential fans are

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