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How Retention Analysis helps you make more sales
How Retention Analysis helps you make more sales
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Here are a few of the use cases for the insights you get with Metrilo’s retention analysis and how to turn them into extra sales:

Not sure how often people need your products and how many times they buy from you? We have those metrics for your store calculated with historical data - ready to turn your marketing upside down.

Thanks to data, you can be well-prepared and proactive in driving repeat sales. How to reach them exactly when chances of conversion are the highest and not waste email “bullets” in vain.

You will see which campaigns and sources bring in loyal customers, and which don't. By the long-term results (CLTV, AOV) you can decide which ones are worth the investment.

Learning from the historical data Metrilo processes, you can predict the behavior of this year's holiday shoppers and turn them into loyal customers.

You can drop the badly performing coupons and use more of those that bring you quality customers, good fits, who become loyal to your shop. 

Analysing your customers by the month of their first purchase will give you a pretty good picture of seasonality in your niche.

Some products stimulate more customer loyalty and repeat orders than others. With Metrilo’s product cohort analysis, you’ll know which those products are to use in your marketing and get higher LTV.

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