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Put forward the products that make you most lifetime value out of customers
Put forward the products that make you most lifetime value out of customers
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Wondering what products to put in your next Facebook ad campaign, email promotion or to feature on your site? The Retention Analysis in Metrilo gives you the insights you need to make the right decision. It's based on the lifetime value each product earns you.

Promoting products that generate high LTV increases your ROI over the long term. That's why Metrilo tracks customer cohorts by first purchased product - to show which products stimulate most sales over time.

How to define products that generate high LTV with Metrilo

  1. From the main menu, go to the Retention Analysis tab. 

  2. Switch to Cohorts by products view.

  3. Look at the cohorts with the most customers (under the name of each cohort).

  4. Then, look at the Revenue per customer. That's how much on average customers spend in your store when their first order is that product. 

  5. Pick the products with the highest revenue per person (and significant customer count). 

These are the products you should expose the most because they make you loyal customers that come back for more. Here are a few ways to give them great exposure:

  • use them as frontrunners in your ad campaigns

  • feature them on your home page

  • use their image in emails

  • make a product video or other content about them

  • send samples of the product with other orders

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