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Scheduling emails to be sent at a certain time
Scheduling emails to be sent at a certain time
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Scheduling emails is useful when

  • you want the email to hit your customers' inboxes at a certain time

  • you want to reach people in different timezones

  • you are preparing campaigns in advance (for the holidays, etc.)

Note: Scheduling works with all Metrilo email builders except the Email Automation, since automated emails are triggered by events/ time after an event.

Here's how to schedule emails it in Metrilo:

  1. In the Customer Database, filter to get the customer segments you're going to email and choose Email.

  2. Choose the builder you want to use and create the email as usual. Save the template.

  3. The Send button now opens a scheduling interface so don't worry, your email won't be sent out right away unless you click the second button, Send now.

  4. To schedule the email, choose the date and time (your timezone) and click Schedule. Now, it's ready to be sent out at the specified time.

  5. To see all your scheduled campaigns, edit (reschedule) or delete them, they are at the top in the Manual Email Campaigns tab

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