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Create and edit customer profiles in the Customer Database
Create and edit customer profiles in the Customer Database
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For full customer management, Metrilo lets you create individual profiles in the database (if you need to add a lead/ customer manually) and edit any field in their profiles.

Here's how to do to create a new customer profile:

1. In the Customer Database, click the Import customers button, top right.
2. A dialog box opens where you can input the name, email and any tags for the new profile. Click Add a customer to save the profile.
3. Then, the full profile opens for editing where you can input the other details - city and country, phone number, company, address, etc.

4. This profile will be attributed to "Import" as an acquisition source in the Metrilo reporting.

To delete a profile, open it and click the three dots next to "Email".

How to edit an existing customer profile?

  1. Open the profile from the Customer Database and go to Details.

  2. To start editing a data field, just click it and type. Then hit Save!

Note: Only the contact details can be edited, all other data, e.g. last activity or device type, is automatically tracked by Metrilo and cannot be changed. Also, email is the sole identification Metrilo uses to put the profile together with the behavior tracked so it cannot be changed.ย 

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