How do I track my influencers?
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In Metrilo, you can monitor influencer results and make budgeting decisions based on the data.

Individual influencer results

If you want to use a dedicated referral link for each influencer, you can track the traffic and conversions coming through that link as follows:

  1. Go to the Marketing Performance tab.

  2. Then, go to Manage campaigns. 

  3. Choose Create an influencer.

4. Name the influencer and you’ll get a referral link generated (that saves you the work on inputting UTM tags). This is the link the influencer has to use to get the results properly attributed.

5. If coupon codes will be used, add them at this step. Either type them in or upload a CSV. 

6. Save and close. Now all traffic and sales from this link and coupons will be attributed to this influencer.

7. To see results, filter the main view in the tab by Campaigns (list by names) or by Referrals (list by referring websites).

8. If you want to see results by the different coupons attributed to this influencer, click on the Analyze revenue right of the metrics. This will open a Revenue breakdown. Filter it by Coupons. Voila!

Influencer campaign results

If you want to track a whole campaign that features many influencers and/or lots of coupon codes, we got you covered, too:

  1. Go to the Marketing Performance tab.

  2. Then, go to Manage campaigns.

  3. Choose Create a campaign.

  4. Continue as above, naming the campaign appropriately to find it easily, e.g. SpringBreak.

  5. You get one ref link associated with the campaign, but you can give out unique coupon codes to compare results within the campaign. Enter the codes or upload them here.

  6. Save and close. Filter the main view by Campaigns and then drill down using the Analyze revenue button. This pulls Revenue breakdown – select to compare by coupons to see the final comparison among coupons within the campaign.

Traffic and conversions by coupon

If you want to simply compare different types of coupons across influencers, here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to Revenue Breakdown. It’s showing revenue by default (the other option is Visitors).

  2. Choose Breakdown revenue by Coupons.

This way, you get each coupon’s impact on sales. It’s useful when you have unique coupons for each influencer or combine influencer and channels, e.g. MarinaInsta, MarinaFB.

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