How does Metrilo actually work?

As soon as you install the plug-in, your data goes to our servers and Metrilo instantly starts processing. Every report/analysis you see is generated in real time, no reports are static. What’s unique about Metrilo is that all of its features process past data that has been accumulated – in that way, every new feature we release generates results on historical data, not only from the moment of its release onward.

Is my data secure?

For our website, we use SSL protection that ensures secure login and billing payments. Goes without saying, we value you and understand your data needs protection – we make sure it’s safe with us and don’t share it with any third parties.

Does Metrilo slow down my eCommerce website?

Not at all. Metrilo’s JavaScript tracking library loads asynchronously after each page has already been loaded. All API requests are sent in the background using our fast CDN-backed infrastructure that connects to the nearest node around the globe.

Is Metrilo real-time?

Metrilo is almost real-time. Some features require data aggregation that can take up to a few minutes before it shows up in your Metrilo account.

How can I learn how to use Metrilo?

We’re always trying to keep Metrilo as simple as possible. To learn about how to use the features that Metrilo has, go to the Learn Metrilo section.

How does the 14-day free trial work?

You just sign up, no credit card info required. After the 14 days are done, you get to choose whether to get a plan or not, no strings attached. Whatever you decide, your data is safe with us.

Can I track my Facebook and Twitter campaigns’ performance?

Yes. You just need to get a tracking link from the Traffic feature.

Why do I have (imported) on the top of my referrals?

Metrilo lets you import data from the time before you start using it and includes it in the reports and analyses. However, it doesn’t know where those “old” customers came from and this is why their source appears as “imported”.

Why measure events vs page views?

Page view count doesn’t give much useful information except which page is visited the most. For your business goals, you need to know how users interact with your site and offers, and the fact that they visited a page doesn’t really mean they are interested. This is why you need to be tracking the events of active engagement with the site, they are the real indicator of interest from the visitors.

How to delete my account in Metrilo?

Sorry to hear that, but contact us on [email protected].

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