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How to use the “Email Performance” feature
How to use the “Email Performance” feature
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Metrilo makes it easy to send highly targeted email campaigns to your customers in the Email Performance tab.

The tab displays different performance indicators for each email campaign:

  • Sent to (how many people received this email campaign)

  • Open by (how many emails were actually opened)

  • Open rate (the percentage of opened emails to total emails)

  • Clicks (the number of people who clicked on a link within the email)

  • CTR or Click-Trough Rate (Percentage of emails who generated a link click)

  • Orders (how many orders were placed through this email campaign)

  • Conversion rate (What percentage of people placed orders)

  • Revenue (The total revenue generated trough this email campaign)

By trial and error, you’ll find the most effective ways to reach your own customers or target group. You’ll understand what makes them click through your offer and what messages are most enticing. Also, by toying with segmentation, you’ll see what offers work best with different customer cohorts.

The email campaign tracking proves to be a really precise tool for refining strategy on smaller segments of customers for achieving optimal results.

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