In order to send email subscribers to Metrilo, you need to have our JavaScript tracking library loaded on your website. If you’ve already connected your eCommerce store to Metrilo, it’s probably loaded up. Just in case check the page’s source and make sure Metrilo is in there.

To send an email to your Metrilo’s customer and subscriber list, simply do the following with JavaScript:

metrilo.identify('subsc[email protected]', {name: 'Subscriber Name', email: '[email protected]', first_name: 'Subscriber', last_name: 'Subscriber'});

The name, first_name and last_name parameters are optional. You can use those for personalization later on in your automation campaigns or your email campaigns.

You can also change the became_subscriber_on_this_page event to whatever describes the action the subscriber did. You can use this later to get all people who did this event (eg. subscribed on a specific landing page or from specific subscriber fox) or setup automated drip campaigns based on the context of the subscriber.

For Shopify and Custom web-stores, you have to use a slightly different code.

metrilo.identify('[email protected]');
metrilo.customer('[email protected]', {first_name: 'Subscriber', last_name: 'Subscriber'});
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