How to use “Live View”
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If you are interested to see what your visitors are doing right now on your e-commerce store, the Live View Tab gives you the perfect opportunity. It is a feature located in the main menu on the left side of Metrilo that open after you click on the logo sign.

You can monitor any current activity happening on your website – how every single visitor interacts with it and where he currently is right now.
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What can you see in the “Live View”?

Once you open your project’s Live View, you can see 4 different Metrics at the top of the screen:

  • Active online

  • Total online

  • Traffic sources

  • Cities

“Active online” are all visitors who have performed some kind of an action on your website in the past 5 minutes.

Any visitor who stays inactive for more than 5 minute is not considered an active one. But as long as they keep your website on a browser tab, Metrilo considers them an online user and counts them in the “Total online”  number.

“Traffic sources” tells you how many different sources your current visitors come from. You can see what those sources are precisely when you click on the ID of a customer – look at “Acquired via”.

The logic behind “Cities” is the same, it tells you the total number of different cities, from which you have traffic right now.

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