Setting up a custom domain with Metrilo
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When you want to setup your own domain for sending emails with Metrilo, you need to add a few DNS records. Why do you need to do that?

  • To prove that you are an authorized sender for the domain

  • То еstablish a positive email reputation for your own domain

How to setup the domain?

1. Go to your account Settings in Metrilo and open the Sending domain menu. Add your domain in the field and press the Setup button.

2. Open your DNS provider and add the two TXT DNS records. Simply copy the Names and the values that will appear.

3. Setup the CNAME record and add the name and the value appearing in the settings.

When you complete all the steps, just press “Verify domain records”. Metrilo will automatically check and confirm whether all names and values were properly  set. If everything is set, all status indicators will be shown in green. See image below:

If you have any problems, let us know in the live chat. We wish you success with email marketing!

If you're using GoDaddy as a domain provider, please check out this article.

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