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Integrating Metrilo with WooCommerce
Integrating Metrilo with WooCommerce
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Integrating Metrilo with your WooCommerce online store is easy. We’ve developed a one-click WordPress plugin that places the Metrilo tracking code on all the necessary places and also makes it possible to import your previous orders and customers to Metrilo in just one click.

Step 1: Installing Metrilo’s WooCommerce plugin

  1. Go to your WordPress administration (usually located under /wp-admin)

  2. Go to plugins and click “Add New”. Search for Metrilo.

  3. Install the plugin and click “Activate”.

  4. Go to WooCommerce Settings, then click the “Integration” tab

  5. Enter your API token and API secret (you can find them within Settings -> Installation)

  6. Click “Save Settings”

  7. Enjoy a cup of coffee 😉 (optional)

Metrilo will start tracking data from your WooCommerce store from now on. Additionally, you can import your historical orders and customers to Metrilo. To do that, keep reading.

Step 2: Importing your previous orders and customers

To import your previous orders and customers, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to your WordPress administration (usually located under /wp-admin)

  2. Navigate to Tools -> Export to Metrilo

  3. You’ll be shown how many orders will be synced with Metrilo. Click Sync [123] orders now and keep this browser tab open until import is completed. Your orders will be synced by batches of 20. Your website’s performance won’t be affected.

  4. After your import is completed, we will start processing your orders and creating customer profiles within your Metrilo account. This might take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour, depending on how many orders you’re importing.

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