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How to import previous orders and customers to Metrilo?
How to import previous orders and customers to Metrilo?
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Metrilo can create customer profiles and calculate the lifetime value of all your customers, including the ones you acquired before installing it to your online store. To do that, follow the instructions relevant to your eCommerce platform.


No need to do anything. Metrilo will automatically sync your orders and customers.


Import your previous orders and customers in a few easy steps.

To import your previous orders and customers, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your WordPress admin panel (usually located under /wp-admin).

  2. Navigate to Tools -> Export to Metrilo.

  3. You’ll see how many orders will be synced with Metrilo. Click Sync [123] orders now and keep this browser tab open until import is completed. Your orders will be synced by batches of 20. Your website’s performance won’t be affected.

  4. After the import is completed, we will start processing your orders and creating customer profiles within your Metrilo account. This might take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour, depending on how many orders you’ve imported.


After enabling the plugin, click Import orders to sync your historical data with Metrilo. If you run a MultiStore Magento installation, you will need to make the import for each store, separately.

Other eCommerce platforms

Our awesome support team will assist you with importing your orders in CSV or Excel format. Click the blue button on the bottom right to chat with them and they'll guide you on.

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