How to use the “People” feature
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Within “People”, it’s easy to get to know your customers and send them targeted email messages by selecting a group of customers/learn-metrilo


Once you open the “People” feature, you have a view of all your eCommerce customers and anonymous visitors – their location, how they got to your store, how much revenue they brought you with how many orders, and how many sessions they’ve had/learn-metrilo

When you open the page, they are automatically sorted based on their latest activity/learn-metrilo You can additionally sort them by any of the other columns – just click the column name/learn-metrilo By default, columns will be sorted descending/learn-metrilo Clicking one more time will sort them ascending/learn-metrilo

You can easily search customers by name or e-mail/learn-metrilo

 Clicking on a single person will open his detailed profile, including his activities, orders and all the products he engaged with on your eCommerce store – viewed, added to cart, and purchased, along with exact time when that happened/learn-metrilo This way you clearly see how much time it takes them to go from one step to another in the process/learn-metrilo

Filter your customers

You can easily apply different filters in order to explore specific groups of customers/learn-metrilo Adding a filter is simple – just click on “Filter people by” and select the filter you want to use/learn-metrilo You can apply multiple filters simultaneously/learn-metrilo

 You can save a filter (or a combination of filters) to use later on – you’d create a segment of customers that you can go back to and review/learn-metrilo You can do that by clicking “Save as a segment” and load it later from “Load a segment”/learn-metrilo

Send targeted messages to your customers

Once you apply at least one filter, you have the option to send an email specifically to the set of customers who match the selected criteria/learn-metrilo To do so, click the “Send them email” button on the top/learn-metrilo

Targeted e-mails are awesome for engaging specific groups of customers to re-activate them or to express gratitude for their loyalty/learn-metrilo You can reward your devoted customers with a special bundle deal, or you can offer customers that haven’t been active in a while a discount coupon on items sitting in their shopping carts that might motivate them to proceed to check out/learn-metrilo

Sending targeted e-mails is easy – just enter a subject line and exciting content/learn-metrilo Metrilo will automatically track the performance of those campaigns and you’ll be able to see how many people saw, opened, clicked through and completed a purchase, all down to product level/learn-metrilo

Note: You can track the performance of your email campaigns from Email Performance/learn-metrilo

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