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Integrating Metrilo with Shopify
Integrating Metrilo with Shopify
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The integration of Metrilo with Shopify is extremely simple. You don’t need to be a developer yourself.

We’ve developed а one-click Shopify plugin that inserts the Metrilo tracking code in all necessary places on your website. The plugin also imports your previous orders and customers to Metrilo automatically.

Installing the Metrilo plugin to Shopify

Go to Installation in your Metrilo Settings and click the Shopify installation option.

Simply paste your online store’s URL into the field and press Connect. Then, you will be redirected to your Shopify admin panel.

There, you will have to approve the plugin. As soon as you do that, you will be redirected back to Metrilo and see a short 25-second video on your next steps. In less than a minute, your integration will be completed.

Immediately after it’s ready, Metrilo will start pulling your historical data (only small chunks at a time, so your website doesn’t slow down).

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