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Say hi to your newest customers with a personal email.
Say hi to your newest customers with a personal email.

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To get to know your customers, you have to test what communication works with them best. We suggest sending an email to all new customers each week to test the waters. Over time, you can compare how your audience reacts to different types of messages and automate sending the ones that best fit your product and store experience.

What different messages?

Well, you have lots of options:

  • just saying "welcome"

  • ask for feedback on order/ shopping experience

  • showcase your new collection

  • share your story and vision

  • onboarding with your services and ways to get support

  • highlight a cause you support, etc.

The point is to give them something interesting that will make them click and engage with your site again. That's the response you want.

How to do it in Metrilo?

  1. Go to the Revenue Breakdown and make sure the period (top right corner) is set to "Last 7 days". The default breakdown is showing revenue by new vs returning customers. 

  2. Under the Customers column, click the number of new customers.
    This pulls up a list of all new customers for the period. 

  3. At the top, click "Send email to customer". The email composer opens and you can create your email.


After you've sent a few variants, check which one performs the best in the Email Performance tab.

Automating the welcome series

After you've found what works best with your audience, send that kind of message to every new customer with email automation.

  1. In Automated Emails tab, start creating a new campaign.

  2. Give it a name - "Welcome", for example.

  3. Set the trigger event to "Places an order". 

  4. Filter by a parameter of the triggering event: order count=1

  5. Go down to "Send the following emails" and put in the message(s) in the email composer.

  6. Set the timing for each email from the little tab above the subject line field. Remember, time is counted from the trigger event on, not between the emails.

  7. Turn the toggle button at the bottom to Turn this campaign ON after I save it.

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