You want to get your customers to buy more. You can export specific customer segments from Metrilo and import their email addresses into your ad platform of choice to create extremely personalized remarketing campaigns.

How to create customer segments in Metrilo?

  1. Go to the Customer Database tab.

  2. Start combining different filters to create specific customer segments.

Ideas for customer segments that work with your historical data (right after data import):

  • loyal customers (people with more orders than the average for your store): use filter orders more than 

  • inactive high spenders: combine filters revenue more than X + last order more than 

  • one-time high-end buyers: combine filters orders = 1 + revenue more than X (above average order value for your store)

  • one-time low-end buyers: combine filters orders = 1 + revenue less than X (above average order value for your store)

  • people who bought a specific product (useful if you have a newer version or a complimentary product): use filter Product interactions -> Product X

As Metrilo accumulates more data, you'll be able to do other segmentations as well.

How to build a custom audience in Facebook using a CSV

  1. Once you have the customer segment, save it as a file. At the top of the page, you'll see the CSV button

Pro tip: Save this selection by hitting the Save as segment button and you'll be able to pull up the same filtering (with the people currently falling into the selection) any time.

  1. The CSV will contain name, email, and location. Delete all columns but the emails.

  2. Go to your Facebook Audiences

  3. Click Create Audience -> Custom audience.

  4. Select Customer file and choose the CSV from your computer.

  5. Wait for Facebook to create the audience, it takes some time. Then, create your ads with different offers for the different segments.

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