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Send personalized cross-sell email campaigns based on purchasing behavior
Send personalized cross-sell email campaigns based on purchasing behavior
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One very profitable use of email automation are product cross-sell campaigns. With Metrilo, you can pick the right products to cross-sell together. From the platform, you can easily automate the whole process to offer related products to customers without another plugin.

  1. In the main menu, go to Products.

  2. Select a longer time period from the top right corner (more time means more data and meaningful results)

  3. You get a list of all products by purchases. Click on Details of the best selling ones.

  4. Under the graph, set the filter to People who purchased this item also purchased.

  5. You'll see a list of the products people bought in addition to the one you're exploring. You'll see if a large number of people who buy product A also buy product B. There's your related product to offer. 

How to set up an automated cross-sell email campaign

  1. Go to Automated Emails and start creating a new automation campaign (top right corner). 

  2. Give it a name (field 1).

  3. From the drop-down menu, set the trigger to Places an order (field 2).

  4. Hit the Filter by a parameter of the triggering event button.

  5. You'll see additional fields to choose criteria. The first drop-down is set to "Order count" by default - switch it to "Product"

  6. Search for your product and select it. 

  7. Set the exit trigger to Places an order. This way, a customer who entered the campaign but placed another order meanwhile, won't receive the email. (field 4)  

  8. Then, go to Send the following emails (field 5) and create that email. Here, you can add the related product you want to cross-sell - picture and price are directly pulled from your store.

  9. Set the timing when the email should be sent - we recommend in a few days.

  10. Switch the toggle button at the bottom to ON and hit save campaign. :)

Here's an email template you can adapt to your business:

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