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Improve your product offers and display based on product correlations
Improve your product offers and display based on product correlations

Product insights, product correlations, conversion rate

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When arranging your category pages, it's really helpful to know what products your customers consider close -  this would make finding them easier and more convenient, and will increase your conversions.

Also, your offers and promotions (especially emails) will be much more compelling and therefore - successful - if they bundled up products that are often bought together by your customers anyway.

How to find product correlations with Metrilo?

  1. In the main menu, go to Products.

  2. Select a longer time period from the top right corner (more time means more data and meaningful results)

  3. You get a list of all products by purchases. Click on Details to explore each one.

  4. Under the graph, set the filter to People who purchased this item also purchased.

  5. You'll see a list of the products people bought in addition to the one you're exploring. You'll see if a large number of people who buy product A also buy product B. 

It will directly show you all products bought together with your selected product so you'll know what bundles and joint promotions naturally make sense to your customers. 

Also, you'll know what products go well together or fit the same taste, according to the only opinions you should be listening to - your customers.

  • relevant product bundles

  • joint promotions

  • product  arrangement on category page

  • cross-sell campaigns

  • personalized emails

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