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A certain product gets a lot of views, but is being abandoned?
A certain product gets a lot of views, but is being abandoned?

Product performance, conversion rate, site optimization

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It's expected that not all products sell the same way, but how to know if there's a problem with a particular products that might be costing you sales?

How to see if a single product is not performing well in Metrilo?

  1. Head over to the Products tab.

  2. There, by default, your products are sorted by views gained (for a given period).

  3. You probably know your products well enough to be interested in the bad performance of a particular one so you can search for it directly in the search box at the top.

  4. If not, go through the details of the each product and look at the individual abandonment rate

  5. For insights what people end up buying if it's not that product, look below. There's a filtering option - set it to "People who viewed this item purchased". Now you see what other products convert while this one suffers.

This signals that the product gets people's attention, but fails to convert them. 

Why is that? 

A high number of views and high abandonment rate might mean that:

  • the pricing is a bit off 

  • the product description is not good enough

  • the images are not clear 

  • there's no proof of quality

  • it's too heavily promoted

Investigate those and improve to give the product an equal chance - present it as close to the others as possible and try playing with the price a bit or offer free shipping for it.

Also, cut down on driving attention to it and move it down the category page to give way to more converting items.

This will help you:

  • recover sales opportunities if the product presentation was the problem

  • manage products better 

  • optimize product catalog on-site.

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