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Identify inactive customers and re-activate them with an email
Identify inactive customers and re-activate them with an email
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Letting customers slip away is a waste of money - you already had them, why lose them now?

With Metrilo, you can easily identify customers who haven't been active in a while and engage them with an email so they come back to shop again.

If you act on time and re-engage inactive customers, you'll be making much more profitable sales than you would to new clients.

How to segment inactive customers with Metrilo?

  1. From the main menu, go to People.

  2. Add filter last order - more than 45 days. In this case, 45 days is an example and doesn't apply to every industry. (Choose a period that makes sense for your business. If you sell smartphones,  you can’t expect repeat orders every week or month so a longer period would be more suitable.)

  3. Now you have the list of inactive customers. To send them a re-activating email, just hit the Email button at the top. 

  4. The email composer opens and you can input your message. To make it more exciting and converting, you can include product directly from your database, coupons and CTA buttons in the email body.

Additional ideas to further personalize your emails

Note: If your customer base is large or you just like extreme personalization, Metrilo offers additional filters for better segmentation. 

In addition to the filter set-up from above, you can apply some of the following:

  • Customer -> Revenue -> More than X/ Less than X 

  • Actions -> Product interactions -> Ordered product X (Select a product that will help you categorize the group of people, an item a specific type of customers buy.) 

  • Actions -> Coupon used -> Coupon X 

  • Customer -> Orders -> More than X/ Less than X (You might discover loyal customers who churned. They require a different approach than the one-time buyers.)

Reaching out in such a way to idle customers is an easy way to invite them back to shop without spamming your whole list of contacts. Those inactive customers might be tempted by a refreshing offer or a deeper discount from you and this segmentation is great to be clear about the message: "Come back".

Here's an example for such a reactivation email:

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