When you have a month-long campaign running or you've redesigned your site, you naturally want to see how it affects conversions. Cohort analysis on a monthly basis shows how your efforts during one month compare to those in another. 

It also helps you identify any seasonal ups and downs impacting your business.

How to do it in Metrilo?

  1. Go to the Retention tab and select breakdown by month: "Customer cohorts based on first purchase - Month".

You'll get all months with the respective number of customers, revenue, revenue per person and one-time buyers. You can now sort by any metric ad get the best performing months.
    2. Then, go to the Revenue Breakdown and select the month that caught your attention and that you'd like to explore further (top right corner).
    3. By default, below the graph, you get a "Breakdown of revenue by: New / Returning". Click on New customers.
    4. Now, you can explore the new customers by traffic source, campaign, coupon, etc. to see what worked best for acquiring new customers this month. (Note: for this to work properly, you have to tag every traffic source so Metrilo can identify it.)

Potential finds - what can you discover with such analysis:

  • a particular email campaign brought most of the high-value orders in one month and that's the reason this month is among the best by revenue per customer

  • organic search was top traffic source after site changes so your SEO is better now

  • customers starting to come from a new country or city

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