If people naturally buy specific products together, this might be an awesome opportunity to make a bundle out of them and increase order size. 

You don't have to try and figure out what products go together or are similar in your customers' mind. Their behavior - what they look at when browsing and what they buy together - will tell you.

Then, you can use this insight to create the best and relevant bundles - and get larger order values!

How to see that in Metrilo?

  1. From the main menu, go to Product Reports.

  2. Select a longer time period than the default 7 days (top right corner).

  3. Now, depending on what you want to achieve (we offer you 2 ideas), go with either variant - A or B:

A) To find products frequently bought together
B) To push slow-moving items 

A) To find products frequently bought together:

  • By default, you see your products sorted by unique orders. 

  • Click Details for your products of interest. 

  • Under the graph, set the filters to "People who purchased this item also purchased"

This will give you the best products to form a bundle with since people already buy them together.

B) To push slow-moving items: 

  • In the Products tab, switch to comparing products by views

  • Click Details for a product that's not selling very well.

  • Under the graph, set the filters to "People who added to cart this item purchased".

This way, you'll see what products people ended up buying instead. It's a smart idea to push the slow-moving item in a bundle with these products because a bundle always sounds like a deal and people buy items they otherwise wouldn't.

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