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How to be sure if the integration went well
How to be sure if the integration went well
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How to check if Metrilo is tracking all of your data?

Once you install the Metrilo plugin and the first visitor comes to your store, Metrilo starts processing the data. Usually, at the beginning, the dashboard would be empty and you will see only a few visitors there:

The visitor information and the tracking starts to fill in the project so more and more data will be processed and reports will get more accurate and fuller with time.

The fastest way to check if the tracking is working properly

That’s the Live view tab. There, Metrilo shows what’s going on on your website at the moment.  You will see some visitors and customers browsing around the website, visiting pages, viewing products or buying. 

The next thing you need to check is whether the behavior tracking works. Visit the Customer database tab, open the last customer’s profile and see if all events are shown in their last session.  

Usually, there should be views, product interaction, category interaction, purchase events and so on.
Note: Don’t worry if you see customers with sessions, which contain only an order event, with Source of acquisition “Imported”. That means this is a historical customer from before you had Metrilo and their data is imported. 

That’s the why there isn’t any behavior recorded yet. However, if the customer visits the web store, Metrilo will recognize him and will add his behavior to the existing profile.

How to check if Metrilo has imported all historical data?

After you are done with the import of the historical orders (if you haven’t done it yet, see how to do it here), you can easily check if all of the data is imported to Metrilo. 

During the import, Metrilo gets the customers and orders info and put it into reports.

Are all my customers imported in Metrilo?

You can check that in the Customer database tab - does the number of customers correspond to the number in your website’s admin panel. 

Are all my orders imported in Metrilo?

Just visit the Retention tab and compare the number of orders in Metrilo and in your site admin panel.

Are all my orders imported with the right status in Metrilo?

Go to the Revenue Breakdown tab. Select “Breakdown revenue by Order statuses” and check the number of orders under the different order statuses for the last 7 days.

All good? Awesome! If you see any discrepancies in the data, drop us a line in the live chat.

Why is the conversion rate on the dashboard so high?

Once the import is ready, each historical customer added to Metrilo, corresponds to one visitor so the conversion rate is close to 100% at the beginning. That’s because we calculate the CR as Total customers/ Total visitors and, with time, it will get more and more accurate.

Why are the Marketing Performance/ Funnel reports empty?

Both reports use the traffic data that comes in Metrilo only after the moment of installation. For that reason, they will need some time to accumulate data and to start showing accurate figures.

Troubleshooting (Integration and historical import)

If you see any wrong data or discrepancies, contact our Customer Success team at on the live chat.

And remember, everything is fixable! Just let us know about the problem and we will help!

What’s next?

Now, after you are sure that everything is in line with your data, you can deep dive into Metrilo and get started.

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