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Verify the historical import into Metrilo
Verify the historical import into Metrilo
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After you are done with the import of the historical orders (if you haven’t done it yet, here’s how to do it), you can super easily check if all of the data is imported to Metrilo. 

Are all my customers imported in Metrilo?

You can check that in the Customer database tab - does the number of customers correspond to the number in your website’s admin panel. 

Just visit the Retention tab and compare the number of orders in Metrilo and in your site admin panel.

Are all my orders imported with the right status in Metrilo?

Go to the Revenue & Trends tab. Select “Breakdown revenue by Order statuses” and check the number of orders under the different order statuses for the last 7 days.

All good? Awesome! 

If you see any discrepancies in the data, you can drop us a line in the live chat or at [email protected]

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