What is Metrilo?
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Metrilo is all-in-one analytics, CRM and email marketing platform. It helps ecommerce stores grow utilizing their data. The analytics part gives you all the insights you need to make data-driven marketing decisions while the CRM and email functionalities help you act on that information. 

Ecommerce analytics

Specialized Dashboard

Metrilo is ready for work right out the box and - as soon as you install it on your website - it will bring to life a dashboard tailored for ecommerce store owners. 

You’ll be able to see all your important KPIs:

  • Unique visitors count

  • Conversion rate - split by device

  • Actual revenue (Metrilo excludes revenue from cancelled, refunded or any other order statuses you don’t wish to count as revenue)

  • Number and value of successful orders 

  • Customer LTV

  • New customers

  • Valuable customers 

  • Cart abandonment rate

  • Average order value

  • Revenue per visitor 

  • Checkout completion

  • Top performing products

Revenue Analysis

The answer to where the revenue comes from is crucial in eCommerce. With the Revenue Analysis feature, you can easily explore your revenue channels and answer that question. 

It offers different breakdown options such as:

  • Acquisition sources

  • New vs Returning customers 

  • Devices 

  • Marketing campaigns 

  • Referrals 

  • Payment method

  • And more

You can even go and see the real people who came from each acquisition channel are.  

Traffic report

With limited marketing budget, it is crucial to spend money on efficient acquisition channels. The Traffic Report makes it easy to see the top performing ones. 

It only counts real sales as revenue excluding orders with statuses that you don’t want to count in the reporting. 

Retention analysis 

Retention is crucial for growth especially for online stores. Metrilo offers a specialized set of tools that measure the retention rates by cohorts, products bought, campaigns and more to help you boost these numbers. 

Time between orders, loyalty over time, product stickiness, behavior over time and more come as ready reports, graphs and metrics in Metrilo.

Conversion funnel analysis

Metrilo also helps conversion optimization. The pre-set conversion funnels identify leaking steps in the sales process. It is easy to compare the sales process between different devices, referral channels and even marketing campaigns.

Product performance

Analysis of customer buying behavior will help you understand how they interact with your store and products. 

Metrilo automatically crunches the sales data and makes it easy to find products that go well together and some that don't. It helps you create and optimize cross- and up-sell email campaigns.  


People feature

Metrilo tracks visitor and customer behavior automatically and creates customer profiles to help you understand buying habits better. Each customer profile contains complete order history, product interactions and on-site behavior (event by event).

The People feature can be used to:

  • Tag customers

  • Add notes for each customer 

  • Create customer lists using more than 30 filters

  • Send one-on-one emails

  • Browse historical orders and see products related to each person 

Email Marketing

Email Newsletters

The built-in email system makes it possible to send good-looking email newsletters. The complete integration with the CRM allows deep customer segmentation that makes sending personalized newsletters fast and easy. 

Email Automation 

From simple cart abandonment emails to more advanced cross-sell drip campaigns, Metrilo can automate the email marketing for any online store. 

The trigger events are based on customer actions and timing can be adjusted down to the minute so your emails fire at the best possible moment. Contextual emails have amazing open and conversion rates.

What's next?

The next articles explain how Metrilo is different from GA and Mailchimp.


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