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How is Metrilo different from Google Analytics?
How is Metrilo different from Google Analytics?
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People often ask how Metrilo differs from Google Analytics. We asked our customers for help to answer this question because they use either both solutions or quit GA in favor of Metrilo. 

“I installed Metrilo myself while I couldn't do that with GA, zero set-up, it works as soon as you instal it.”

We explain: Yes, Metrilo is extremely simple to install on your website with our ready plugins for WooCommerce, Shopify and Magento. In addition, it doesn't need you to be GA pro to set it up or read the data. We've built Metrilo exclusively for online stores so all small details that make the reports easy to use and read have been taken into consideration.  

“GA doesn’t relate visitors to emails and you can’t do anything about it without another tool.”

We explain: Apart from the ecommerce analytics, Metrilo offers a CRM and an email system. They are all integrated in one platform and use the same data gathered from your store. This allows you to not only read the reports and analyses, but to actually act on the data you have from the same platform. 

“At last my revenue numbers match in both my analytics tool and store admin.”

We explain: Metrilo integrates with your store's front-end and back-end. This way, Metrilo processes the data correctly, updates order statuses and recalculates revenue as soon as a change is done. 

“Metrilo has all the reports I need presented in a nice way. I'm quite good with GA, but I save time using your analytics and it feels better.”

We explain: When everything's pre-set and created with a busy store owner/ manager in mind, it’s purpose is to save time and make money, not to waste either. :) 

“Metrilo connects the numbers to the real people, that's a totally different game.“

We explain: Metrilo’s analytics are based on the behavior of your customers. We believe you need more insights than just how many people placed an order or visited a page. That’s why we build complete behavior profiles of your visitors and customers where you see a real person, their details, their order history, stats and session by session.

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