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How is Metrilo different from Mailchimp?
How is Metrilo different from Mailchimp?
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It would be unfair to compare Metrilo to Mailchimp because our tool has the advantage to offer Ecommerce analytics and CRM in addition to the email functionality. That is why we will compare Metrilo's email capabilities to Mailchimp. 

1. Who is it for

Mailchimp is great tool for beginners. Lots of marketers use it for its simplicity and beautiful emails. It is perfect for sending newsletters and if that's where your email marketing plan stops, look no further. 

Metrilo is much more than an email system. Our powerful integration with your store allows you to tailor extremely personalized emails based on customer behavior. You can communicate completely differently with various customer segments. This results in highly converting emails and ultimately more sales. 

2. Mailchimp’s automation vs Metrilo's 

Mailchimp's integration allows you to gather basic data. This works for some email campaigns but can't cover all of them. 

Metrilo's integration allows you to build automated email campaigns on more than 30 different rules. You can easily time each email and add break conditions when you feel the drip should stop. If you want to engage your customers timely and relevantly, Metrilo is your platform.

3. Historical data 

In Mailchimp, you can't import any historical data from your store. The closest thing is to import a list of emails.

Metrilo, on another hand, will automatically sync with your platform and will build a customer profile for each of your customers including past purchases which can be used straight away for personalized campaigns.  

4. Segmenting customers

Mailchimp is limited on segmentation and as we already said it doesn't work with historical data. 

Metrilo offers powerful segmentation thanks to the data from the in-built CRM that is completely usable with the 30+ filters that can be combined to get you complex segments like high-value customers with specific interest who have been idle for the past 2 months after their 3rd order. 

5. Support

Mailchimp offers email support only.

We offer ask-us-anything chat support for all packages. You can reach out to us any time via Intercom.

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