Timing emails is always tricky. However, Metrilo solves that problem within the Retention Analysis feature. 

You can now identify the right time when your customers are ready to shop again and proactively invite them back instead of sending emails all the time, waiting for the right time.

How to send perfectly-timed emails to catch customers in shopping mode?

  1. From the main menu, go to the Retention Analysis tab. 

  2. Take the Average time between orders metric. How long is it? If it's 45, for example, we assume that your customers will be ready to shop again in 40 to 50 days.

  3. Then, go to the Customer Database tab.

  4. Add a Customer filter: last order - between X and Y days where X=40 and Y=50 because of the reasoning above. This way, we select the people who should be on the verge of buying again. 

  5. To send them a re-activating email, just hit the Email button at the top. 

  6. The email composer opens and you can input your message. To make it more exciting and converting, you can include product directly from your database, coupons and CTA buttons in the email body.

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