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Plan your remarketing for the best possible time
Plan your remarketing for the best possible time
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When do you get the most new customers? Probably around Holiday season. But do you manage to keep them after the holidays?

Learning from the historical data Metrilo processes, you can predict the behavior of this year's holiday shoppers and catch them at the best time.

How to use Cohort Analysis to predict the right timing for an email campaign?

  1. Go to the Retention Analysis tab.

  2. Switch to Cohort view (top of page).

  3. Click on Performance for last year's December cohort. You'll get an expanded panel with a number matrix. It shows how the next orders after the first (2nd, 3rd and so on are distributed over time for that particular cohort of people.

  4. We recommend viewing it by number of orders (#) and month. This way, you see in what month the most orders were placed.

In this example, you see this cohort bought again in February, March, and June. June was also the month after which most of them churned.

5. That's why we'd plan promotional activities for the same months for this year's holiday shoppers plus something really exciting in July to keep them from churning.

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