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How to breakdown my revenue by order statuses
How to breakdown my revenue by order statuses
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This is the first break down available once you open the drop-down menu on the Revenue Breakdown tab. As soon as you select it, you will be able to see how your revenue is distributed between the different order statuses in the selected period.

It’s important to monitor completed orders because that’s when the cash has been transferred to you and the product is in the hands of the buyer.

Other order statuses are cancelled, failed, pending or refunded. No need to worry about them with Metrilo, though - there are ways to turn canceled, refunded and failed orders into new sales. 

If you click on the order status, a separate window opens with more breakdown options. This is an amazing opportunity to find out the reasons for cancellations and the refunds!

For example, you might discover that most of your failed orders come from a specific city (this might be due to bad delivery services for the region) or that there was a coupon that didn’t work and orders were cancelled by most customers. 


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