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How to analyze New vs Returning customers for my business
How to analyze New vs Returning customers for my business
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Revenue Breakdown by New/ Returning

The Revenue Breakdown tab in Metrilo allows you to analyse the ratio of new/ returning customers for a given period. The major question to be answered is “Where does your revenue come from?”- if new or existing customers give you more business.

Metrilo divides all your customers for the selected period by whether they are new customers for your web store or first-time buyers. This is important since it’s better to have more returning (meaning happy) customers than to be constantly struggling to acquire new ones.

In the example above, the fact that 58% of the revenue is generated by returning customers is key. It means that less than the half of the customers generate the major part of the revenue - and it proves that existing customers are easier to convert again. 

Also, there are second-level breakdowns available if you want to know where those new customers come from, or their order statuses or their payment methods.


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